We are like that!

We are like that

We Indians are very shy and still are over a billion!

We Indians get nervous when we encounter a policeman rather than feeling safe.

In India, shoes we wear are sold in Air Conditioned Show Rooms, whereas the vegetables we eat are sold on footpath.

In India, everyone is in hurry, but, no body reaches in time.

In India, we consider dangerous to talk to a stranger, but consider it fine to marry one.

We Indians spend more money on daughter’s wedding than on her education.

We Indians are obsessed with Screen Guards on their smart phones but never bother to wear a helmet when riding a bike.

In India, artificial lemon flavour is used in welcome drink and real lemon in Finger Bowl.

In Rudyard Kipling’s written movie Jungle Book, Baloo the Bear says to the child Mogali, when he sees elephants ‘Give them respect’. In India it is important that you give respect to SUVs, the Mercedes, the BMWs, the Audis and the Skodas, when they are on the road. The owners of these come with lot of history and brawn.

In India do have foot path, but, these are not meant for the use of pedestrians. This is additional space provided to shop keepers to extend their shops or park their cars. In any case pedestrians of India do not prefer to walk on footpaths. They prefer roads instead.

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